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Bucket List Whitetails Pricing

At Bucket List Whitetails, you pay for exactly what you get. Instead of a flat fee for a certain size range, we price our hunts out by the inch. That way you’re not paying the same price for a buck that may be 20 inches smaller than the next in your range. All prices include three nights of full lodging and meals. To book a hunt, a non-refundable deposit for half of the price is required**. This will cover your stay in the lodge, meals, and your guided hunts. The remaining balance will be considered your “harvest fee” and will be due upon the taking of your selected animal. If the buck you take ends up being smaller than the deposit you put down, you will only owe the remaining balance per inch. Upgrades will be available also upon request. If you do not select an animal for harvest, then no remaining balance is due. However, should you wish to come back and harvest your classification buck, a 25% deposit of the original classification is required unless you upgrade. In addition, a $200 per night lodging fee and a $200 per day guide charge will be added. 


The following is our current price list: (**Does not include tax):

120" to 149" = $27 per inch ($3,240 - $4,023)

150" to 174" = $35 per inch ($5,250 - $6,090)

175" to 199" = $44 per inch ($7,700 - $8,756)

200" to 249" = $53 per inch ($10,600 - $13,197)

250" to 299" = $55 per inch ($13,750 - $16,445)


*Bucks above 300” will be priced upon request

In the event of a major emergency, such as a death in your immediate family, you may transfer your deposit to a later date or following year.

Non-hunting guest fee: $200 per day

Children 12 years of age or younger must be supervised by an adult 18 years old or older.

We are now booking hunts for this fall season and next. We typically have two different slot dates available each week. Check in will be at 1pm of the first scheduled day and check out will be by 11am on the morning of the fourth day. Please contact us for details on available dates or any other information at 906-250-9218 (Primary) or 906-250-5104. You may also email us at

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